7R wants to build data centres




The data centre market in Poland is worth over PLN 2 billion, according to a PMR report. The number of local companies that are deciding to outsource IT services and implement cloud solutions is growing. This trend means that international technology giants and companies from the CEE region are looking to establish a presence in Poland. In response to their needs, 7R, as part of its expansion strategy, has decided to expand its offer to include data processing centers.

With the digitalization of the global economy, the importance of IT and telecommunications infrastructure is increasing. A key element is the data centre, which is used to store data and to provide computing power for cloud-based applications. According to experts, Warsaw is currently regarded as one of the most desirable locations for data centres in the CEE region. At the end of 2020, there were 115 data centres in Poland, with 38 located in the capital. The list of global cloud providers investing in Poland includes Google and Microsoft.

According to DataCentrePricing.com, Poland will be a destination for part of the planned 850,000 sqm of the total European server space to be built. However, the data centre segment is a demanding area of the market, combining the commercial real estate sector with critical infrastructure and the latest technological solutions.

“Looking at the changes in data demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing importance of cloud services in almost every industry and company, we expect the investment boom in the data centre market to continue. Therefore, we are very much extending our knowledge and experience in this area. We want to be a partner for technology companies and data centre operators which are establishing a presence in Poland. In 7R we have a land bank, as well as know-how in the construction of technologically advanced large-size and pro-ecological commercial buildings. We are also expanding our team of experts responsible for cooperation with technology giants and international data centre operators so that we can support our clients and their investment plans in Poland”, says Bartłomiej Krawiecki, member of the board, Head of Development at 7R.

Oliwer Goliński, a specialist in IT and telecommunication infrastructure, has recently joined the 7R team. He has conducted projects for the largest data centre operators in Europe. His task is to expand 7R’s portfolio with data processing facilities, which are focused on the needs and technological requirements of particular clients.  

“Data centres are critical infrastructure, essential to the functioning of today’s economy and ensuring the continuous delivery of digital services to society as a whole. To fulfil this role, data centre design is based on the latest technological solutions and present the investor with a number of challenges – both in terms of property location and facility construction. The most obvious requirement is meeting the huge demand for electricity and ensuring its continuous supply, which for many investors can be a challenge”, says Oliwer Goliński, Data Center Development Expert at 7R.

The solution for this type of operator is Build-to-Own (BTO) facilities, custom-designed according to client’s requirements and implemented in locations that guarantee business continuity and maximum security against any external threats.  


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