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Agricultural land developing into residential area


NEWBERRY, Fla. (WCJB) – The city of Newberry council voted to approve the first step to develop a tract of agricultural land into a residential area.

A property owner is aiming to develop agricultural land into 750 homes.  People told me there is not enough space.

The land is located off Newberry Road near Dudley farm. That is near multiple agricultural businesses as right now the land looks like this.

“They’ve got about 40 acres of commercial that will front Newberry Road. It will be in our urban overlay district, which means that it’ll be a nicer development. It has a higher level of standards, but it will be turning agriculture into residential, ” said Newberry city Mayor Jordan Marlowe.

Jim Fleming the owner and President of Tropic Traditions, Nurseries said “we don’t really agree with putting houses so close together next to agricultural businesses.”

Instead, Fleming would rather the land develop in a way to suit agricultural needs.

“I mean, i’m not anti-growth or anti-development. If they are going to do some sort of a development, I would rather see like an agricultural community, which they do have in certain areas around the country, “said Fleming.

A farmer tells me significant issues with building homes near agriculture businesses is that, home owners will complain about the dangers of pesticides, trucks constantly loading and unloading, along with noise complaints.

Meanwhile the mayor feels the housing development will be good for the city.

“So it’s hard to see this as any thing other than a compliment, when somebody wants to come and join your community. I think we also would like a little more services. We want a few more amenities and those come with growth as well. So I think that we’ll be very excited, for our future” said Mayor Marlowe  .

Part 1 of the housing development got the green-light, part 2 will be discussed among city council and residents on August 22nd.

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