Gulf Countries top global rankings for residential property investment in 2024

Gulf Countries top global rankings for residential property investment in 2024


The inaugural “Housearch Investment Index” has propelled Gulf nations to the forefront of global residential property investment for 2024. This trend is fueled by the region’s robust stability and reliability, particularly attractive when compared to the cooling markets of Europe and North America, where “higher-for-longer” interest rates are expected.

Dubai, within the United Arab Emirates, has long been a magnet for international property investors, renowned for its luxurious offerings, investor-friendly business environment, and near-zero tax regime. Recent influxes of entrepreneurs, high-tech startups, and high net-worth individuals, particularly post-Brexit, have further bolstered Dubai’s residential market, adding to London’s waning allure.

Beyond Dubai, the Index highlights Oman and Qatar’s growing traction, drawing global investors seeking reliable and stable cash flows. These markets are emerging as compelling alternatives to traditional investment destinations, offering diversification opportunities for savvy portfolios.

Mark Wilson, Adviser to CEO and Head of Research at Housearch, stated: “Oman and Qatar’s strong showing in our 2024 Index signifies a growing investor confidence in the Gulf region as a whole. With gross rental yields ranging from approximately 6% in Qatar to up to 10% in certain Dubai areas, these markets offer attractive opportunities for those seeking stable returns in the current economic climate.”

The Housearch Investment Index empowers private real estate investors by assessing the attractiveness of residential property markets across 50 countries. It considers crucial factors like rental yields, peace and stability ratings, property rights, and economic growth rates. Its 2024 findings reflect a shifting landscape in global real estate investment, with the Gulf countries emerging as key players.


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