Historic Porton pub’s grand opening delayed as lockdown rules extended




The Old Railway Hotel was due to open on June 21st in line with the Government’s proposed restrictions

Author: Sophie CridlandPublished 46 minutes ago
Last updated 46 minutes ago

It will be a few more weeks before we can see the revamp of a former Porton pub.

The Old Railway Hotel has had its opening delayed by the government restrictions. It was due to welcome customers on June 21st but that will now be in July.

A Community Consortium, made up of local friends and family, are not surprised by the news but are certainly disappointed.

After purchasing the property in January, the group have been bringing the building back to life with a complete revamp.

In June the pub was only going to have drinking and dining available allowing them to ease the hotel in.

But the restrictions staying for another four weeks means they need to expand the outside area to allow for more social distancing.

Because of this, income of £30,000 to £40,000 is being lost a month and the group have had to invest 60% more than they planned to.

Keith Hartland set the Community Consortium up, he said the delay is having a big financial impact.

“This is not ideal, we wanted to open with no restrictions. We have had to bring forward the building of our outside area, it was of course in our plans as it is summer but that was going to be our July job instead of June.

“The outside area we have done is seated, so a paved area, grass area, with heating and power in it because I believe that is going to be the new norm.

“As well, I think staff is one of those things that is financially underestimated, a pub can’t function with just a couple of people behind a bar anymore so we’ve had to employ more for the table service.”

The publ has not been refurbished since 1921


The grand opening of the pub will be on July 5th whether or not the restrictions are eased further.

Keith says they are close enough but they need to open before the four weeks.

“There are certain things we now have to do because of the continued restrictions and they could be carried on further.

“The good news is that there has been lots of interest in the pub with people trying to make bookings through our Facebook Page.

“We’ve told people they can’t because we’re not open yet, but that is a positive, it’s the way we have to look at it.

“All I can say is, we’ve definitely progressed, and things can only get better, they are moving forward.”

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