Home sales in Greater New Bedford are in December

Home sales in Greater New Bedford are in December


This week’s top-selling home in Rochester is a two-story that sold for $731,000.

Situated in the highly desirable Snipatuit Pond Estates, 12 Forster Road is nestled in the woodland surrounded by gardens and walkways. 

Built in 1994, the 2,198-square-foot home has custom built-ins, French doors, and gleaming hardwood floors throughout. It boasts a pristine kitchen, a fireplace living room, a glass porch off of the elegant dining room, and a cozy den. 

The immaculate property has 1.49 acres of land with a sunken hot tub, a deck, and a stone patio. It also offers beach rights in Marion and opportunities for boating and fishing. It was last sold in 2015 for $389,000.  

Here are all of the residential property transfers recorded in the Greater New Bedford area this week according to The Warren Group. 


110 Gammons Rd $750,000.

Keith O. and Joyce E. Desilva to Christopher and Dawn Ingrade

 232 Hamlin St $390,000.

Hilda Alley to Lauren I. Faria

 84 Main St $300,000.

Frances A. Pegg to Peter Arruda

 11 Wilbur Ave $310,000.

Danielle Lygren to Wagner W. Tiburtino


 5 Aspen Rd Unit 5 $500,000.

Smith Ft and Steven M. Smith to Leora Amir

 160 Clark Rd $1,950,000.

Cadence Soln Partners LLC to Corinne R Whittington Lt and Corinne R. Whittington

 6 Pleasure Point Rd $825,000.

Arbo RET and Roger A. Arbo to Thomas C. and Barbara J. Collins

 5 Wildwood Ln Unit A $649,900.

Ocean Dunes LLC to Cassandra Perry


 25 Copper Lantern Ln Unit 25 $369,900.

Elizabeth Callahn to Stephen M. Keaton

 63 Cranberry Rd $420,000.

Donald M. Mandeville to Kenneth and Laureen Wagner

 6 Doreen Way $430,000.

212 LLC to Nicole F. Day

 31 Santana Way Unit 31 $489,000.

Priolo Concrete Forms Inc to Paul Kennedy


 414 Gulf Rd W $500,000.

Dcs Ventures LLC to Elizabeth Danforth RET and Elizabeth Danforth

 8 Mccabe St $556,000.

Terceira Construction LLC to Frank H. Hand and Alberto G. Dasilva

 26 Nimitz St $460,000.

Brooks Audrey L Est and Brenda E. Desilva to Tyler and Kaleigh A. Oliveira

 57 Rosewood Ter $559,000.

Stockys Properties LLC and Jared Vaconcelos to Britney L. and Daniel R. Simoneau

 18 Seminole Rd $385,000.

Blouin Ft and Richard F. Blouin to Caleb Bennett and Kylie Lague

 107 Stackhouse St $395,000.

Appleton Grove LLC to Giovanie M. Ramos and Angela R. Dias

 99 Willis St $375,000.

Nicholas Lorizio to Tracy R. Anthony


 36 Causeway Rd $805,000.

Michael Karalis and Randy Florence to Irma D. Teves

 304 Mill Rd $710,000.

Dawn A. and Christopher J. Ingrande to Megan and Jesse Viveiros

 10 Pleasant St $459,000.

Carol -. Ashton to Sean and Sharon Mitchell


 189 5th St $570,000.

189 Fifth St Property LLC to Willie C. and Annette Pittman

 156 Archer St $495,000.

Alex Borges to Matthew Mota

 141 Boyden St $333,000.

Citigroup Loan TInc and Us Bank TCom Na Tr to 22 Ricky Ln LLC

 749 Cambridge St $475,000.

Richard and Veneranda Miozza to Zachary Vorce

 39 Claflin St $385,000.

Jhonatta L. Ferreira to Biswas LLC

 138-144 Columbia St $900,000.

David Desa Rt and David Desa to Kenneth Cabral

 268 Cory St $660,000.

Marcio Garcia to Mfw Sons Of Mary LLC

 59 Garfield St $440,000.

Ri Propety Wire LLC to Keurin and Maria Barros

 433 Grinnell St $330,000.

Matthew Szargowicz to Frank Delgado

 538 Hanover St $480,000.

Stanton Irt and Thomas L. Stanton to Shane L. Benjamin and Corey J. Pratt

 26 N Rocliffe St $450,000.

Agostinho and Maria C. Ponte to Emmanuela Pierre and Dumont Bernard

 201 Pearce St Unit 3W $220,000.

Erasmo F. Costa to Clara T. Soares

 181 Rathgar St $451,000.

Justin J. Pacheco to Angeline L. Ellison

 101 Read St $360,000.

Bednarz Judith A Est and Stephen M. Wallace to Chelsey L. Dasilva

 1931 Robeson St $360,825.

Carla F. Gilday and Ana C. Gwynne to Kelsey Colot and Fabienne C. Perseval

 41 Rosedale St $389,900.

Kristen Souza to Kaitrin Christ

 485 Stetson St $385,000.

Roger J. and Mary C. Benevides to Joao J. and Cathleen S. Silva

 31 Warburton St $428,000.

Thomas J. Oliveira and Kelly Dealmeida to Manuel M. Delgado

 213 Weetamoe St $222,000.

Preferred Preperty Soln L to Elevator Properties Inc


 93 Narrows Rd $1,200,000.

Gregg S. Ruth to 93 Narrows LLC


 29 Hybrid Dr $858,677.

Residences LLC to Neil and Maria Martin

 63 Kingman St $706,000.

Diguda T and Tracey A. Juda to Pauline Hollis

 15 School St $708,000.

Lucas Lt and Andrew P. Lucas to Ryan P. and Lindsey M. Mackenzie


 16 Cottage St Unit 3 $1,262,500.

Ann K. Ziegler to John R. and Amy Oleary

 812 Mill St $383,000.

Correia Ft and Mikki L. Correira to Johnson Family Invs LLC

 11 Olde Sheepfield Rd $875,000.

Susan G Ford RET and Matthew J. Downey to Christopher A. and Veronica Brockwell


 3 Creek St $1,490,000.

Daniel J Sullivan RET and Bruce C. Gamache to S Creek St LLC

 20 Silver Shell Ave $2,350,000.

Alan Fine Personal T Ii and Rebecca F. BoochinSnoopy Holdiong LLC


 31 Acorn St $320,000.

Grannum Jr Sherwin S Est and Ty J. Grannum to Eliza Thornton

 1151 Centre St $530,000.

Barbara A. Bonenfant and Emil J. Kleiner to Moises Rodriguez-Galo

 358 Marion Rd $606,000.

Julie J. Hutcheson to John Halisey

 34 Mayflower Ave $515,000.

Anthony W. and Bridget A. Small to Zachary Dellechiaie and Kayla Dasilva

 108 N Grove St $562,500.

Gary T. and Stacey E. Moquin to Nicole B. Maguire

 98 Plain St $675,000.

Gar Con Corp to Karlyn Leth and James Hurley

 52 Pleasant St $760,000.

Joshua M. Paulin to Stu Charlesworth

 79 Plympton St $500,000.

Dube Albert B Est and Suzanne M. Dube to Mary-Lou T and Joseph A. Arruda

 31 Sheffield Rd $799,900.

Reeve Lt and David A. Reeve to Eric J. and Lauren C. Wabrek

 496 Wareham St $419,000.

Brian M. Mcmahon to Allison E. Barnes and Kyle Hackett


 504 Bolton St $1,000,000.

J&m Bakeries LLC to Mia Mei Lee LLC

 163 Bonney St $577,000.

Anildo M. Ribeiro and Carmen A. Luz to Erickson G. Rodrigues and Clarinda G. Fernandes

 159-161 Central Ave $323,000.

Daniel Pacheco and Mary A. Dasilva to Hurley Homes LLC

 1180 Chaffee St $570,000.

Jesse and Megan Viveiros to Walters S. and Alda F. Couto

 231 Church St $359,000.

M Q Teixeira Chrch St Nt and Maria Q. TeixeiraFlavio M. and Jahmila I. Silva

 85-87 Cottage St $605,000.

Barton James E Est and Gregory M. Downey to James W. and Linda M. Clark

 869 County St $505,000.

George Saba to Lucas S. Ixcoy

 28 Dana St $319,000.

Souza Lawrence J Est and Susan M. Souza to Alex D. Dandurand

 111 David St $560,000.

Elvin D. and Alexandra Merlo-Cruz to Jennife Allahyarian

 291 Emerson St $292,500.

Chrysalis Properties LLC to Mariana S. Andre

 16 Ethel St $370,000.

Quintal Investments LLC to Timothy Duarte

 83-85 Eugenia St $339,000.

Manuel G. Henriques and Fin Of Amer Reverse LLRonald Oliveira

 137 Field St $185,000.

Mark A. Medeiros to Roso Investment Rt and Ronald Oliveira

 155 Hillman St $450,000.

Maria Fernandes to Ramon M. Cespedes and Sonia I. Negron

 31 Holly Tree Ln $360,000.

Oakes Shelly Est and Linda A. Dale to Jacqueline Bousquet

 524 Liberty St $355,000.

Daniel Simoneau to Samuel Martinez

 993 Lucy St $369,000.

Marisa M. Cunha to George J. Saba

 103 Mosher St $540,000.

Simone Lopes to Ruth G. Ruiz and Rafel Ernesto

 100 Norman St $385,000.

Carol A. Pollard to Kortney and Gary Lafleur

 942 Phillips Rd $326,000.

Grace Albano and Santander Bank NA to John Afonso Prop LLC

 34 Rotch St $465,000.

Manuel A. and Nancy S. Fernandes to Heather M. Romano and Kristian A. Araujo

 438 Summer St $485,000.

Pintos Homes LLC to Samantha and Taylor Botelho

 248 Whitman St $560,000.

Robert and Denise Rossi to Edson D. Soares-Ross


 12 Forster Rd $731,000.

James C. and Marcia A. Harrison to Nicholas D. and Sarah A. Richard

 237 Hartley Rd $275,000.

Robert V. St Aubin and Fin Of Amer Reverse LLCRonald Oliveira

 29 Stuart Rd $670,000.

Aaron M. and Priscilla L. Micetich to Helen M. Orourke


 16 13th St $339,000.

Roland M. and Suzanne M. Michaud to Ana P. De Oliveira

 5 Acoaxet Ln $435,000.

Michael Santos to Sonia A. Barbosa

 23 Crescent Pl $470,000.

Ryan and Victoria Anctill to Reva and Oseas Flores

 34 Dogwood Ln $325,000.

James H. Casey to Alicia R. Calderon and Ashley Piccirilli

 1 Glen Ave $650,000.

Hamilton Beach Rt and Lawrence F. Obrien to Thomas M. and Kathy-Ellen Glennon

 229 Glen Charlie Rd $490,000.

Justin and Jenalea A. Viera to Ryan C. Doyle

 4 Locust St $421,500.

Chen Huang and Trevor S. Watson to Christopher R. and Cynthia H. Latham

 45 Main St Unit 115 $420,000.

Dawn K Hood T and Dawn K. Hood to Gabriel Ft and Christopher P. Gabriel

 65 Mayflower Ln $295,000.

Estrella Mary L Est and Sara E. Estrella to Stockys Properties LLC and Jared Vasconcelos

 8 Monroe Pkwy $405,000.

Allyson and Geoff Bonin to Julie Hurley

 75 Papermill Rd Unit A $445,000.

F&c Mcgrath Ft and Maureen E. Lund to Dmytro Cherginets and Oksana Sidiakina

 9 Sarahbeth Ln $750,000.

James C. and Kelly A. Lynch to William F. Calandro


 27 Christine Dr $492,000.

David Fournier to Stacy S. and Brian S. Boutwell

 171 Gifford Rd $500,000.

R&d Irt and Ryan J. Landry to Richard and Laura R. Mundy

 16 J Dr $585,000.

William and Madalee N. Kloeber to Andrea Pagliari and Nora Rose

 204 Main Rd $615,000.

Michel & J A Duval Irt and Michael Duval to Deanna Lockard

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