House ‘from hell’ on market for £430k as estate agent warns ‘don’t open freezer’




A defaced house described by an estate agent as a “little slice of hell” is on sale for £427,000 – and buyers want to pay cash.

The five-bedroom property in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US, appears from the outside to be a steal, sitting among other far more expensive homes.

But going inside any prospective buyer will be met by an intense odour, as well as plenty of vandalism and destruction.

Mimi Foster, of Falcon Property Company, didn’t hold back on her description of the neglected house in the Broadmoor Bluffs Estates neighbourhood in her listing posted to Redfin last Tuesday.

With the basement freezer having been stocked full of meat despite no electricity for a year, as well as rotting animal remains elsewhere, “you can feel the smell”, she said.

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The property will only be sold to those who have smelt inside it first, according to the estate agent
The property will only be sold to those who have smelled inside it first, according to the estate agent

Ms Foster said the property – whose last tenant was allegedly evicted in 2019 for not paying rent – is “every landlord’s nightmare”.

She added: “If you dream of owning your own little slice of hell and turning it into a piece of heaven, then look no further.”

“Come feast your senses, Do not go on back deck. Do not open freezer in basement,” she wrote in the listing, which has been viewed more than half a million times.

The property will only be sold to those who have smelt inside it first, according to the estate agent
The previous tenant allegedly caused havoc after being evicted

The estate agent said the home is owned by an ailing seller who lives outside of Colorado and was rented by one tenant for over a decade.

It was managed for some time by a management firm and after the previous occupant was evicted she was allowed to return to collect her possessions only to wreak havoc, Ms Foster claims.

Black spray paint covers every fixture, floor covering and surface, according to the listing.

Estate agent Mimi Foster said she's been inundated with cash offers
Estate agent Mimi Foster said she’s been inundated with cash offers

While the basement freezer’s full of meat and hasn’t had electricity for over a year.

There are also obscenities written on the walls.

By February last year, the seller was faced with foreclosure as she could no longer pay the mortgage, but the pandemic saw a national ban on foreclosures, Ms Foster continued.

The owner is then said to have attempted to work alongside her insurance company to fix up the home in order to get it on the market but this was unsuccessful.

Disgusting ‘house from hell’ put on market for £420k and eager buyers want to pay cash for it on Churchill Ct, Colorado Springs
There’s vandalism, rotting meat and animal remains, and further destruction in the property

But with the end of foreclosure protection approaching, the housing market is surging, explained Foster.

“If there was ever a time that we could throw something like this at the market and see if it would stick, it is now,” she said she told the seller.

The reduced price is due to the amount of outstanding costs, including back taxes, the first mortgage and liens on the house.

But Ms Foster will only accept offers from those who have actually visited the property first, to gauge whether they can handle the smell.

“I’m not allowing sight-unseen offers,” she said.

A lucrative offer has already been turned down from a blind buyer, with the agent telling them: “I’m sorry. You have to come and smell it first.”

Ms Foster claims to have received 16 written cash offers in the first 24 hours of the house being on the market.


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