How to Factory Reset a Google Home Mini

How to Factory Reset a Google Home Mini


A Google Home Mini can be exceptionally useful little smart device. But when it comes time to upgrade and you want to sell it, or when the speaker starts giving you issues and you can’t fix it any other way, a factory reset may be in order. This type of reset is great for severing any connections to your account before you send it off to a new owner, as well as for clearing up possible operating issues.

There are currently two available types of Google Home Mini. The first generation is the Home Mini name, while the second is called the Google Nest Mini, to signify Google’s move towards labeling most of its smart home tech under the Nest moniker. We’ll break down steps for both generations below.

Of course, you’ll first want to know which Google Home Mini you have. To determine which generation your smart speaker is, simply turn the device over. If it doesn’t have a wall-mount screw slot, then you’re using a Google Home Mini. If there is a screw slot, you have a Google Nest Mini.

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How to reset a Google Home Mini

If you’re sporting the older Google Home Mini, reseting it to factory settings is really easy—but note that you cannot reset the Google Home Mini from the Google Home app. Instead, you will need direct access to the speaker.

To start the reset process, locate the reset button, which is beneath the power cord on the bottom of the device. Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds to begin the factory reset. From there, all you need to do is wait for the device to chirp, signifying that the wipe is complete.

How to reset a Google Nest Mini

Like the original Google Home Mini, reseting the Google Nest Mini will also require direct access to the speaker. To get started, turn the device on its side and locate the microphone on/off switch, which normally allows you to easily mute the microphone when you don’t want Google Assistant to be listening for your commands.

Once you have located the switch, flip it to the off position, and then press down and hold the top of the speaker where the LED lights appear. After around five seconds, your device should begin the factory reset process. Keep holding the top of the speaker for another 10 seconds, until you should hear a chirp or chime that tells you the process is complete.


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