How to market your home: 11 strategies for attracting buyers

How to market your home: 11 strategies for attracting buyers


Eleven seasoned professionals, from business owners to presidents, share their most successful tactics in the art of property marketing. From leveraging virtual tour teasers to attracting with professional visuals, discover a spectrum of strategies that have proven effective in drawing in potential buyers. If you are looking to to market your home, here are 11 strategies for attracting buyers:

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  • Leverage Virtual Tour Teasers
  • Name Your Property for Memorability
  • Market the Neighborhood’s Charm
  • Highlight Exclusive Buyer Discounts
  • Use Localized Marketing Tactics
  • Set the Right Price Point
  • Create Attractive Property Listings
  • Generate Urgency with Open-House Tours
  • Employ Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Showcase Property Transformations
  • Attract with Professional Visuals

Leverage Virtual Tour Teasers

Capitalizing on video marketing to attract potential buyers for a property involved creating a video that was not just the usual marketing material; it included virtual tours of the home and its surroundings. Knowing that virtual tours had gained popularity since the pandemic, I leveraged that trend. 

The virtual tour didn’t reveal the entire house, maintaining an element of surprise for the audience and potential buyers. It served more as a teaser, designed to pique viewers’ interest and prompt them to contact our company for a property visit, which ultimately was successful.

Anthony Guerriero, Owner, Manhattan Miami

Name Your Property for Memorability

We used to own a home on the side of a quiet road opposite a village, which simply wasn’t selling. We rewrote the description and named it “The Waystation.” Our inquiries picked up, and when the couple who finally bought it were looking around the house, they constantly referred to it by name.

If you have a unique property, I highly recommend naming it. Depending on the name, you can immediately conjure a sense of romance or majesty. It’s also much more memorable than 218 Something Street.

Martin Woods, CEO and SEO Consultant, Indigoextra

Market the Neighborhood’s Charm

When selling a property, it’s important to remember that you’re also selling a neighborhood and a community. Potential buyers are interested in what living in the area will be like for the coming decades. They may have questions about the accessibility of restaurants or public transportation. Highlight the best features of the neighborhood, including nearby parks, schools, and facilities. 

Promoting local towns and markets can attract customers by offering them a glimpse into life in that home. Consider obtaining interviews with community members to serve as testimonials and provide insight into the local community. These elements are crucial in influencing a customer’s decision to purchase.

Jasen Edwards, Licensed Real Estate Agent and Coach, Agent Advice

Highlight Exclusive Buyer Discounts

In the We Buy Houses industry, marketing a property is somewhat different than on the traditional market. Typically, when marketing a property, it is because I’m looking to assign my purchase contract because of having too many other projects. 

The primary method I use to attract buyers is by emphasizing the discount they are getting ‘on the buy.’ To effectively communicate this, I share comparable properties in similar condition and size. Additionally, I inform all potential buyers that if a solid offer is not received, we will close on the property ourselves, which tends to create a greater desire. 

We communicate this through our email blast of the deal, which generates the desired effect; creating demand by highlighting the competition is essential, as nobody wants to purchase something that isn’t sought after.

Sebastian Jania, CEO, Ontario Property Buyers

Use Localized Marketing Tactics

Localized marketing has helped me attract potential buyers. A person who is earning a decent amount must be willing to buy a house that is in the center of the city. It is also for the convenience of going anywhere and finding the best places to visit, instead of traveling a long way. 

By highlighting the nearby attractions that make the property unique, the community and events hosted, and neighborhood perks regularly, you show the real value of the property and why it’s worth buying. It also shows how they will benefit from it. Localized marketing helped me target that very audience that fits this criteria to have a successful selling of the property.

Ozzi Jarvinen, Founder, Iglu

Set the Right Price Point

Attracting potential buyers is very important, and effectively marketing your property requires proper planning and execution. 

One of the most successful marketing strategies that I have employed is setting the right price for my property to attract the right buyers. I checked out the latest trends in the market, considered my property’s size, its location, and other important factors, and priced it accordingly. 

As a result, I got the best buyer and the expected price. This is because if I overpriced it, potential buyers were discouraged, and if I underpriced it, the wrong buyers would be attracted. Thus, setting the right price was crucial.

Dr. Thanu Jey, Medical Director and Founder, MediBrace

Create Attractive Property Listings

Using the best tactics for reaching buyers and sellers is essential to compel them to choose you over the competition. 

One successful marketing strategy to market our property was creating an attractive listing. This listing included high-quality pictures, a detailed description of the property, and relevant information about all the qualities that the property possesses. 

Additionally, we used descriptive language to highlight the appealing features of the property, such as recently decorated meeting rooms and renovated workspaces. Fortunately, this approach attracted the best buyer for the property and we received the expected price.

Peter Ramsay, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, EV inFocus

Generate Urgency with Open-House Tours

Recently, I sold a property, and after posting videos and photos, something that actually worked for me was hosting an open-house tour. When I was searching for a place for my office, I used to visit the places to see the actual condition, and that was my primary aim with the open-house tour. For the potential buyers, I contacted the brokers so that they could contact their purchasers who might be interested. Additionally, I also spread the details of the event to my friends and social contacts.

By hosting the house tour, I saw many potential buyers coming and actually seeing the house, which led to the successful sale of the property. Since there were so many people, there was always an urgency in the buyers’ minds to buy the house so that the opportunity wouldn’t drift away. Hence, attracting potential buyers becomes easy, and it works in your favor.

Dan Barnard, Founder, Abom

Employ Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing

Target your marketing efforts and promote your property through multiple channels. These may sound counterintuitive, but they actually work perfectly together and are underutilized as a mixed strategy.

Take time to identify your target audience and tailor your listing promotion accordingly. If you’re selling a family home, then you’ll want to focus on families with children. However, this doesn’t just mean catering your listing description and details on MLS towards families and stopping there—you’ll want to take advantage of other channels as well. Social media, online real estate websites, and even local papers are all great places to consider. 

For example, at the surface level, Facebook might sound futile, but Facebook Groups are vast and plenty. Research to find groups that are topically relevant from any angle possible and share your listing there as well to cast a wider yet targeted net.

Ryan Carrigan, CEO and Founder, moveBuddha

Showcase Property Transformations

I have an unfair advantage because I have a renovation company, so I have both the platform to showcase a property for sale and the expertise to transform the property into something marketable.

I’d say showcasing the updates you’ve brought to the property is a surefire way to “market” it successfully because it shows people the huge potential of the place. They get to see what it used to be like and what it’s like now. Never underestimate a “before and after” narrative.

Rick Berres, Owner, Honey-Doers

Attract with Professional Visuals

Taking professional photos and videos of the property is a must. With marketing a property, it’s all about the visuals. It’s more enticing to show potential buyers what a modern three-bedroom, two-bath house for sale looks like, rather than simply typing it out in text. 

In doing this, you’ll attract potential buyers who are genuinely interested in making a purchase because they like what they saw. It’s a great way to filter out those who wouldn’t want to buy the house as is, and everyone saves time and effort from conducting fruitless viewing visits.

Meg Hellerstedt, President, Sylvane


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