In Curacao, a Clothing-Optional Eco-Resort Caribbean Journal




It’s the only one of its kind in the Caribbean — a clothing-optional eco resort. 

And now it’s green, too. 

Curacao’s clothing-optional hotel, The Natural, has added 17 solar panels to the roof to its main building; the 3,000-watt SMA photovoltaic system can generate around 16 KWh of green energy every day — saving nearly 11 kg of carbon dioxide emissions on a daily basis. 

The resort has also installed three panels on the roof of the swimming pool patio; the new panels are now operating the swimming pool pump from dawn until dusk. 

With water coming from a deep well and a solar-operated pump, it’s a 100 percent green pool. 

The Natural, which first opened in 2018, is set in the heart of central Curacao. 

For more, visit The Natural

— CJ


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