Jared Goff Spends Millions to Buy the House Next Door – Robb Report

Jared Goff Spends Millions to Buy the House Next Door – Robb Report


The Detroit Lions’ legendary roar has been more of a muted howl this football season, with a brutal loss to the Chicago Bears weighing heavily on all minds, but Jared Goff hasn’t let those troubles impede his real estate prowl. Records show the high-profile quarterback recently splashed out $8.6 million to buy the house next door to his off-season California residence.

Originally built in 1952, the house underwent a big remodel in the early 1970s. Per tax records, the place last sold in 1976 for an almost unbelievable $105,000, meaning the sellers—the heirs of the recently deceased longtime owner—are now reaping the millions of benefits from a very fortuitous investment.

Jared Goff House Manhattan Beach

Sited on a landlocked 10,000-square-foot lot, the house has likely not been significantly updated since the 1970s.

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Because the property was never on the market, details are slim and photos nonexistent. But a poke through records reveals that the roughly 3,500-square-foot, L-shaped structure sits on a 10,000-square-foot lot—relatively generous for tightly-packed Manhattan Beach—and features four bedrooms and four baths scattered across two full floors of living space. The architecturally vague house also offers an attached two-car garage, plus a semi-detached accessory structure with another two-car garage and some sort of upstairs storage space or guest living quarters.

While it’s not yet clear what Goff plans to do with his new real estate acquisition, the house is definitely dated and far from pretty. With its bleak, towering walls and acres of beige stucco, the place looks more akin to a gritty apartment building in a downtrodden part of a major city than an $8.6 million home in one of L.A.’s most desirable beach communities. Thus, it’s a virtual guarantee that Goff will either raze or radically remodel the entire home.

As for Goff’s main residence next door, that Mediterranean-style mansion is unapologetically lavish in a way its neighbor is assuredly not. The 29-year-old paid $10.5 million for that residence, back in spring 2023. With the addition of the house next door, he now owns nearly half an acre of prime Manhattan Beach dirt, albeit landlocked dirt.

In addition to his newly expanded Manhattan Beach compound, Goff also owns an ocean-view Hermosa Beach home, acquired a few years ago for nearly $6 million. He and soon-to-be-wife Christen Harper also maintain an estate in the posh Bloomfield Hills suburb of Detroit, for use during football season.


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