Manitowoc County home sale prices in early December 2023 top $625,000

Manitowoc County home sale prices in early December 2023 top $625,000


Manitowoc County home sale prices in early December 2023 top $625,000


MANITOWOC — Here’s our weekly list of real estate transfers in Manitowoc County, courtesy of Manitowoc County Register of Deeds Office.

To determine the purchase price of the real estate, divide the transfer fee by 0.003.

For example, the top transfer fee listed here is for $1,875. Dividing that fee by 0.003 gives you the purchase price of $625,000.

Similarly, real estate sold at a price of $100,000 would have a transfer fee of $300.

Last week’s real estate transfers: Manitowoc County home sales: Top selling price and full list of transfers for Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2023

Dec. 4

Renee Theresa Tuzee to Renee Tuzee Family Trust, NA

Tamara J. Gierke to Jason Hunsader, $1,230

Alexander Wermuth (Bruyette) to KBP Properties LLC, $1,125

Jennifer L. Niquette to Jennifer L. Niquette Trust, NA

Joseph and Andrea Jost to Jean and Nolan Hetz, $1,203

Todd Horn to BT Investments LLC, $405

Bryce K. Howe to Julio Huizar Hernandez and Rosa Huizar Vera, $513

Douglas E. and Kathy A. Schnell to Francis C. and Patricia A. Waniger, NA

Sherry Zuege LLC to CSO Holdings LLC, $420

Kris A. Jacobs to Anthony R. and Taylor Elizabeth Sohns, $1,200

2026 Wisconsin Ave. LLC to Brianda Ruiz Nieves and Yudith Henandez Ayala Cruz, $510

Curt and Sandra Meyer to Joseph and Andrea Jost, $1,875

Janna L. Kabelowsky to Kristin L. Leiteritz, $795

Dec. 5

Cold Wave Realty LLC to Radey Revocable Trust, $1,395

Shawn C. and Tammy H. Dehne to William R. Dehne, NA

Kristi A. Hasenstein to Joseph M. Hasenstein, $315

Darion and Nicole Smaxwell to Wendy Lettenberger, $414

Funk Properties LLC to Joshua S. Nelson, $315

Margaret R. Waack to Jonah B. Lindemann, $645

Joseph C. Sippel by attorney-in-fact to Muellers Signature Properties, $389.70

Dec. 6

Kelilyn McKay to Nicole M. and Darion P. Smaxwell, $555

Jeremiah D. and Heidi M. Schaefe to Jeremiah D. and Heidi M. Schaefer, NA

Michael E. Jaeger, Kristine C. Budnik, John H. Jaeger, Randolph D. Jaeger, Todd D. Jaeger, Lori Ann Schmidt and Steven Jaeger to Thomas J. and Patti S. Petska, NA

Dec. 7

Matthew A. and Alyssa M. Luckow to Patrick S. and Paige D. Brey, $600

Richard J. and Donna H. Berweger to MMK Properties LLC, $525

Gustave R. and McKenzie R. Holzbauer to Hunter K. Marquardt, $547.50

Francis C. Waniger to Francis C. and Patricia A. Waniger, NA

Ronald J. and Mary T. Lese to Thiel Properties LLC, $45

Julio Vasquez to Ryan A. Ricker, $405

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Dec. 8

Carol R. Salutz to Lori Latour, $1,215

Max J. and Rebecca Kaczkowski to Deanna Genske, $561

Glenn R. Otto to Otto Irrevocable Trust, NA

Glenn R. and Debra Ann Otto to Otto Irrevocable Trust, NA

Alex M. and Megan R. Ourada (Stebane) to Rebecca and Max Kaczkowski, $1,019.70

Robert M. Fabian Jr. to Stella Maris Enterprises LLC, $225

Evanoffs Inc. to Samuel Tabbert, $165


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