More affordable housing is needed in Hampton Roads – The Virginian-Pilot

More affordable housing is needed in Hampton Roads – The Virginian-Pilot


Housing crisis

Housing is a basic need, providing somewhere to eat, sleep, bathe and spend time with your family. No one should be living in the streets or living in uninhabitable conditions. People are feeling helpless with limited resources to assist those with changing circumstances.

Our communities are experiencing a housing crisis, and it’s going to take a collaborative effort from officials and investors in our community to address it. Understand that housing is not something that must be taken lightly; it’s our home but also an expense. Finances for constituents are a strain right now, where budgets are limited and prices are rising.

Everyone’s finances are different, and we are aware that there is a housing shortage, which allows others to take advantage of other individuals’ needs such as affordable housing. We need to create a community where all can strive to do their best and stay in affordable, comfortable housing, calling it home.

Homelessness is the result of no one caring to take action and have compassion for those who are their neighbors, possibly friends and family.

Chiquita Hubbard, Virginia Organizing member, Newport News

Transportation issues

It should be just as easy to access a rideshare company ride for a person with mobility issues as anyone else. Of course the apps will claim it is, but in reality it isn’t. Our aging population is growing. Many of our older adults have mobility issues. They may be more inclined to use rideshare services if the services are more accommodating.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles should be used for more that just medical appointments. Some people using wheelchairs and their caregivers may want to go to grocery stores, malls, parks or any other public places. They shouldn’t be limited or halted because of mobility or transportation issues. Let’s help our citizens pursue happiness like everyone else.

Lisa Lamb, Portsmouth

Way to go

After having watched several Virginia Beach School Board meetings over the past several months, I think the Virginia Beach teachers and parents should be proud of the students who speak at these meetings. They are well-informed about the issues, articulate and concise. Well done students and teachers.

John F.X. Delaney, Virginia Beach

Flood protection

The flooding in the community has not only caused damage to properties, but it has also put the safety of some residents at risk. It is time we address this issue seriously and take appropriate action to mitigate the aftermath of flooding.

It is ever more apparent that climate change plays a significant role in elevating the frequency of flooding events. However, we know this isn’t a result of natural causes alone. What the people have done, such as inadequate drainage systems and construction sites that have altered terrains, also contributes to the severity of flooding in the Virginia Beach area.

It is imperative for our local government to prioritize the management and prevention of flooding moving forward. This includes investing in better infrastructure, such as improved drainage systems and retention ponds to effectively control excess water during heavy rainfall. Flood prevention measures must also be checked and properly cleansed on a regular basis. Having communities and environmental organizations coming together is extremely important in reaching solutions to reduce flooding.

Lastly, it is essential for community members to stay informed and prepared for potential flooding events. Regular updates from local authorities, early warning systems and evacuation plans should be readily available to residents.

By taking action and implementing these measures, we can work toward reducing the impact of flooding. It is our collective responsibility to protect our homes, businesses and the lives of residents.

Austin Winemiller, Virginia Beach


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