New List Shows The Best Places To Buy A Home In Texas 2024

New List Shows The Best Places To Buy A Home In Texas 2024


When you are looking for a home it may be hard to decide where to pick. This new list shows you the top places you should check out in Texas.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration like the cost of living in the area, the type of jobs that are available, and if it’s an okay place to start a family.

A new study done by Niche was able to narrow down where in the state were the best places to buy a home.

Landing at number one on the list was DeCordova, which is located outside of Fort Worth. With a population of 3,035 people, the town’s median home value is set at $293,500.

The town received high grades in its jobs, housing, public schools, and its cost of living, receiving an A in all four categories.



Median Home Value

1. DeCordova 3,035 $293,500
2. Woodway 9,399 $304,200
3. Old River-Winfree 1,841 $115,700
4. Lantana 11,706 $482,700
5. Fritch 2,472 $129,300
6. Annetta 3,077 $394,600
7. Timberbrook 6,467 $450,241
8. Vinton 2,692 $102,200
9. Canyon Creek South 3,788 $618,263
10. Oak Ridge North 3,033 $265,300
11. Henrietta 3,115 $128,000
12. Siesta Acres 1,636 $116,000
13. Abernathy 3,266 $122,500
14. Oak Leaf 1,653 $319,900
15. Lakeside City 1,091 $226,500
16. Hideaway 3,212 $262,800
17. Cisco 3,901 $99,700
18. Lake Ridge Estates 5,879 $435,721
19. Heath 9,771 $621,200
20. Red Lick 1,586 $286,100

Number 19 is the most expensive place to live in Texas and number 4 had the largest population.

Thirteen of the towns are cheaper to buy a home in than the median average of Texas at $306,756, according to Zillow.

To see the full rankings of Texas cities check out Niche’s full rankings here.

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