Nine-bay warehouse receives the go ahead

Nine-bay warehouse receives the go ahead


By Sebastian Kanally, Times Chronicle

Oliver clears permitting roadblocks to make way for the development of a nine-bay warehouse building in the industrial zone of town. 

A developer is proposing to construct a 2,800 sqm (30,140 sqft) nine-bay warehouse building on the parcel of land at 207 Maple Ave in Oliver. 

The property has industrial property to the west, crown-owned land to the south, and the old KVR to the east along Sawmill Road. 

The application had not only to come to council for approval based on design and landscaping, but also because the application wanted a development variance permit to reduce the rear setback line from 7.5 m to 1.5 m, which was granted. 

Randy Houle, director of development services explained that most of the adjacent properties have storage and variances that are right on the rear setback line of the properties, so town staff saw no issues with the reduced setback. 

The proposed building is white-painted concrete with black steel doors and canopies with large windows. The front of the property and in between some parking spaces will be landscaped with a mix of several plant species and the entire property will be fenced with a 2.4 m (8ft) chain link fence providing a buffer for neighbours. 

Houle noted that these factors and others indicate that the proposed development is in line with the industrial development permit guidelines which focus on landscaping, screening and fencing on industrial lands to provide an attractive environment in the Town of Oliver. 

It was noted that the building application explained that the building will be used for storage. 


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