PROPERTY TRANSFERS: Columbiana County | News, Sports, Jobs

PROPERTY TRANSFERS: Columbiana County | News, Sports, Jobs




Center Township

JLC Farms LLC to East Ohio Properties LLC, full service bank on state Route 45; $330,000

Dave L. and Inez Rose to Daniel C. and Lynn L. Hill, 67.381 acres on Miller Road; 563,000

Dave and Inez Rose to Caleb R. Hill, 2.836 acres on Allen Avenue; $7,000


Brennan Family Properties LP to David Bitonte, 3.188 acres on Prestwick Court; $175,000

East Liverpool

HFRE Holdings LLC to Veronica Leake, home on Ogden Street; $18,000

Nicholas L. Moore to Cory Williamson and Lindsey Potts, home on Sturgis Avenue; $149,000

Kelly R. Bailey to David Durbin, residential vacant land on Allison Street; $4,600

CitiMortgage Inc. to Nathan Judah, home on Gardendale Street; $2,000

Amanda J. Pierce to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, home on Bank Street; $11,000

East Palestine

Jana L. Stover to James A. and Traci J. Meek, 4.531 acres on Arter Avenue; $32,600

Katherine L. Hartman to Starling Property Solutions, home on Lyon Avenue; $43,000

Jose and Pamela Martinez to Raeann Duron, home on Alice Street; $92,500

Edward A. and Kathryn J. Byard to Matthew T. Cain, home on Martin Street; $140,000

Joshua Leonard James Himes to Todd M. and Jamie L. Rosen, 12.221 acres on Howell Road; $80,000

Elkrun Township

Randy S. and Dawn K. Hissam to JLC Farms LLC, 139.01 acres on Cream Ridge Road; $688,090

Fairfield Township

Tarka Farms LLC to Jerald R. Himes, 70.707 acres on Bethesda Road; $600,000

DB & T to Corrina E. and Jonathan B. Haught, home on Kelly Park Road; $304,900

Betty L. Stoffer (trustee) to Tim Dickey, home on Fairfield School Road; $138,042

US National Bank Association to Pervez Hai, home on Crestview Road; $43,460

Hanover Township

Michael Knepp to Mark Howard and Tami Sue Baird, home on Wisner Road; $155,500

Streetsboro Realty Partners LLC to Cotter and Heidi Smith, other commercial structures on Camp Boulevard; $150,000

Bruce A. Palmer to Erica and Brett A. Leyman, home on Lakeside Drive; $270,000


Samuel N. Hake to Jessica A. Darrah, home on Main Street; $170,000

Knox Township

Dan L. and Michele Dennis to Vennie D. Cole, mobile home on Mahoning Avenue; $146,000


Wayne D. and Kora J. Guy to Daniel James Stoffel, home on Lee Avenue; $140,000

Jared S. Sweeney to Dustin G. Cutright, home on West Chestnut Street; $169,000

Middleton Township

Janet F. Speece to Jannie Crawford, 5 acres on Clarkson Road; $70,000

Perry Township

Ronald A. Merino to Curtis L. Crank Jr., home on Indiana Avenue; $30,000

Anne L. Watson to Barbara Anne Wingert, condo on Canterbury Lane; $150,000

JL Contracting & Remodeling LLC to Samantha Martin, home on West State Street; $195,000

Heather L. Schulman to Susan D. and Melvin W. Kelly Jr., condo on South Lincoln Avenue; $225,000


MTA Property Holdings LLC to Joel Orodonez Hernandez, home on Ohio Avenue; $25,000

Margaret Jane Massa to William J. and Barbara J. Welch Jr., home on East 10th Street; $238,000

Eva Rae Cody to Timothy L. Moore, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $192,000

Lillian Goldberg to Gatchel Enterprises LTD, home on Highland Avenue; $160,000

Jeannette M. Mozina to Ellysa Exline, home on Madison Avenue; $120,000

Glenn R. and Candice V. Reichle to Thane Eduard Sevey, home on West Pershing Street; $155,500

Harry M. and Cathy L. Hofmeister to Brian Burkey, home on North Union Avenue; $190,000

YMG Inc. to RPI Designs LLC, other retail structure on South Lundy Avenue; $125,000

Salem Township

Peggy Ann Hunt to Matthew D. Altman, home on Crestview Road; $70,000


Destiny House Assembly of God to Utica Shale Academy of Ohio, other commercial structures on North Street; $30,000

St. Clair Township

McElwain Sisters Holdings LP to Martin’s Real Estate Holdings LLC, automobile and car sales service on state Route 170; $585,000

Linda A. Wallach to Joseph Anthony Franzese, home on Purinton Avenue; $113,000


Douglas W. Barnhart to Wellsville Terminals Co., home on Clark Avenue; $20,000

West Township

Barrick’s Maple Farm LLC to David K. and Julianne Conrad, .8 acres on Lowmiller Road; $4,800

Mark B. Morgan to Jonathan D. and Catherine A. Yoder, mobile home on Bayard Road; $50,200

Yellow Creek Township

James S. Woodrow to Michelle Baker, home on Fife Coal Road; $56,000

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