Retailers get a rare chance to enter Ljubljana’s high street




Palača Pošta, a unique high street commercial building in Ljubljana, Slovenia has become available for rent. The owner, Pošta Slovenije, who has been the sole user of the building until now, has retained KF Finance, to act as their exclusive real estate broker for leasing. KF Finance is the leading financial advisory company in the region, with a team of 50 finance professionals in offices in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade, offering clients a comprehensive range of financial advisory services.

Palača Pošta is located in the centre of Ljubljana on Čopova ulica 11 which is one of the most prestigious locations in the city in terms of proximity to the old town, tourist attractions and the main road, Slovenska cesta. Such property is rarely on the market, which makes this a truly unique opportunity for high street fashion stores, culinary and coffee shops that look for the most frequent location possible. Tourist attractions, public buildings, restaurants, hotels and flagship stores of numerous international brands are in the vicinity.

According to KF Finance, the net floor area of all floors is a total of 6,589 sqm of which up to app. 4.450 sqm above ground is for rent. The underground is intended for storage or archive storage space, garage with parking spaces, the ground floor (app. 1.150 sqm) and the first floor (app. 1.060 sqm) for commercial activities with one or more tenants, the second (app. 1090 sqm) and the third floors (app. 1.150 sqm) are opted either for commercial or office activities.

With the growth of large shopping malls, shopping in the city centre is gaining a unique reputation and high-street providers in the city centre, use it not only to serve as a point of sale but also as a showroom or an exhibition space. Demand is high and this is followed by leases in the city centre that exceed prices in shopping malls.

“The second quarter of 2021 will certainly be a period of major challenges for the entire retail industry, but the lifting of lockdown restrictions is very encouraging to see. According to economic forecasts, the forthcoming months are expected to see a rebound amid substantial consumption growth,” concludes Małgorzata Dziubińska, Associate Director, Cushman & Wakefield.

More information: Maja Ostanek Selak, KF Finance,


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