Richmond council gives property another month for cleanup


Three derelict vehicles, garbage and pallets are some of the items remaining on a South Arm area property.

After “substantial” progress was done to clean up a residential property in the South Arm area, Richmond city council gave the owner another month to finish cleaning it.

The owner’s son, Edward Wong, appealed an order to clean up the property or have it cleaned up by the city. He told the Richmond News he was “determined” to clean it up.

Prior to the hearing before council, city staff went to the property and documented what work had been done.

“There’s been substantial progress towards compliance especially from the pictures taken last Wednesday,” Carli Williams, manager of bylaws, told council at the hearing.

But there were still about a dozen pallets, garbage and three derelict vehicles at the Severn Drive property, explained Williams. These are the items that need to be removed as well as a container that’s in the front yard.

The container, however, is a zoning issue and to force its removal, the city would have to go through provincial court.

The item was adjourned until July 19 when it’ll come back to council.

“You made some suggestion on what you’re going to do between now and (July 19), and my hope is that the kind of progress we’ve seen in the last 10 days is mirrored in the progress in the next few weeks,” Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie told Wong at the meeting.

“I promise I’ll work very hard,” Wong told council after the decision was made.

Coun. Carol Day voted against the adjournment.


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