Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Selling homes in the Rockford area


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Illinois saw a mass migration out of the state in 2021 due to at home workers seeking a change in scenery. However, housing in Rockford costs 30% less than other areas of the state according to Rockford Area Realtors, a fact that home sellers are trying to push. Valerie Hoglund has worked from home for the majority of the pandemic. Hoglund says she considered moving, but with house prices rising, she chose to stay.

“Even if I had just moved to Rockford, I would like it. There’s a lot to do, it’s a pretty town,” Hoglund told 23news.

In fact, the average price for a home in the state is $246,000 but Rockford home prices come in $70,000 less with an average price near $175,000. Rockford Area Realtors CEO Conor Brown says the Forest City is seeing a rise in migration due to first time home buyers and retirees looking to own multiple homes.

“What makes Rockford so affordable is that we just have a lot of high quality homes that people can enter into at different price points,” Brown said.

Even given this increase, Brown says there’s still some hurdles, especially with Illinois currently experiencing a mass migration out of the state.

“There are still some challenges in terms of people wanting to seek either warmer weather, more tax friendly states.”

Illinois’s population declined by a record 113,000 people in 2021 according to the United States Census Bureau, Brown says it’s a competition the city realizes and he will continue to play to its strengths.

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