These are the best places to buy a home in Texas, according to Niche

These are the best places to buy a home in Texas, according to Niche


(NEXSTAR) – Buying a home is a major decision that can be very difficult to make. With so many factors to take into consideration like the cost of living in the area, the type of jobs that are available, and if it’s an okay place to start a family, it can be a near impossible decision to make.

For those of you living in Texas, a study performed by Niche was able to narrow down where exactly in the state were the best places to buy a home.

Landing at the top of the list was DeCordova, which is located outside of Fort Worth. With a population of 3,035 people, the town’s median home value is set at $293,500.

The town received high grades in its jobs, housing, public schools, and its cost of living, receiving an A in all four categories.

Rounding out the rest of the top five is Woodway (a suburb of Waco) at No. 2, followed by Old River-Winfree (located east of Houston), then Lantana (a suburb of Dallas), and finally Fritch (found in the panhandle) at No. 5.

Check out the full top 20 best places to buy a home in Texas, according to Niche, below:

Town Population Median Home Value
1. DeCordova 3,035 $293,500
2. Woodway 9,399 $304,200
3. Old River-Winfree 1,841 $115,700
4. Lantana 11,706 $482,700
5. Fritch 2,472 $129,300
6. Annetta 3,077 $394,600
7. Timberbrook 6,467 $450,241
8. Vinton 2,692 $102,200
9. Canyon Creek South 3,788 $618,263
10. Oak Ridge North 3,033 $265,300
11. Henrietta 3,115 $128,000
12. Siesta Acres 1,636 $116,000
13. Abernathy 3,266 $122,500
14. Oak Leaf 1,653 $319,900
15. Lakeside City 1,091 $226,500
16. Hideaway 3,212 $262,800
17. Cisco 3,901 $99,700
18. Lake Ridge Estates 5,879 $435,721
19. Heath 9,771 $621,200
20. Red Lick 1,586 $286,100
(Rankings courtesy of Niche)

Heath at No. 19 finished as the most expensive area on the list, while Lantana at No. 4 had the largest population.

Thirteen of the 20 towns that made the list are cheaper to buy a home in than the median average of the state of Texas at $306,756, according to Zillow.

To see the full rankings of Texas cities to buy a home or to see where your hometown is ranked, check out Niche’s full rankings right here.


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