Top 25 Columbus Residential Real Estate Deals for August 2023

Top 25 Columbus Residential Real Estate Deals for August 2023


Here are the highest-price housing market deals that closed this month.

Columbus Monthly gathers home sales data from county auditor offices in Franklin County and its six contiguous counties. These are the highest reported sales for Aug. 1-31, 2023.

1. $4,200,000; 3 Highgrove Farms, New Albany; Brandon A. Borgmann from Tiffany C. and Todd L. Patterson 

2. $3,567,750; 4 Highgrove Farms, New Albany; Daniel Sa from Danielle and Gustav Nyquist 

3. $3,500,000; 4040 Baughman Grant, New Albany; Jamie T. and Leslie M. Brown from Jamie K. and Steven J. Allen 

4. $3,200,000; 7300 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany; Darren B. and Tara M. Miller from Elton E. Jr. and Tammy L. Evans 

5. $2,350,000; 2610 Sherwin Rd., Upper Arlington; Brian James and Sarah Carey Sleboda from Sandra Lee Ross, trustee 

6. $2,200,000; 2 New Albany Farms Rd., New Albany; 2 New Albany Farms LLC from Susanne G. and Thad R. Perry 

7. $2,175,000; 7809 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany; Jacques M. Desmarteau and Carissa M. McMahon from Lynne E. Smith 

8. $2,000,000; 7202 Biddick Ct., New Albany; Tiffany C. and Todd L. Patterson, trustees, from Zachary Werenski 

9. $1,875,000; 4398 Trabue Rd. Rear, Columbus; Khet Property LLC from American Society for Nondestructive Testing Inc. 

10. $1,740,000; 4880 Trumbo Ct., New Albany; Jennifer Ella and Robert Wesley Norris from Charles E. Hovorka Jr. and Laura J. Regan 

11. $1,700,000; 2950 Linkbury Lane, Upper Arlington; Douglas B. and Joanna L. Brandt, trustees, from Julie A. Brooks 

12. $1,650,000; 3934 Tarrington Lane, Upper Arlington; Vikram Badhri Chakravarthy and Natasha Monga from Anna Eileen and Corey Michael Linsley 

13. $1,600,000; 7823 Calverton Square, New Albany; Susanne G. and Thad R. Perry from Acme Rocket Powered Roller Skates LLC 

14. $1,552,295; 2290 Farleigh Rd., Upper Arlington; Ethan Mezoff and Claire Stewart from Tuckerman Home Group Inc. 

15. $1,506,000 3853 Lambton Place, New Albany; Dast LLC from Allan Silverstein 

16. $1,499,999 2076 Elgin Rd., Upper Arlington; Megan Goebel and Perry Lin, trustees, from John Robert and Taylor E. Germain 

17. $1,495,000; 853 N. Park St., Columbus; Trevor J. Miller from M. Haley Boehning 

18. $1,400,000; 1995 Scioto Pointe Dr., Columbus; Kelly and Blake Sousa from an unlisted seller 

19. $1,350,000; 100 Sulwen Ln., Granville; Kirk Joseph and Rachel Fenters from Dick Wills Construction Inc. 

20. $1,305,000; 2110 White Rd., Grove City; Epcon Mulberry Run LLC from Leroy L. Geyer 

21. $1,300,000; 4747 Dublin Rd., Norwich Township; 4747 Dublin Road LLC from Repar Properties LLC 

22. $1,200,000; 7598 N. Goodrich Square, New Albany; Andrew and Erin Maria Ladd from Brian and Holly Tybor 

23. $1,125,650; 7302 New Albany Links Dr., New Albany; Jennier M. Behzadi and John S. Gardner from Megan J. and Troy C. Douglas 

24. $1,125,000; 2500 Bryden Rd., Bexley; Brian and Catherine Peterson from Shana Y. Levin 

25. $1,100,000; 2034 Devon Rd., Upper Arlington; Lisa O. and Timothy D. Kelso from Zachary T. Donovan 

This story is from the November 2023 issue of Columbus Monthly.


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