Unique Investment Opportunity at an Exclusive Swiss Resort

Unique Investment Opportunity at an Exclusive Swiss Resort




The residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos offer a rare opportunity for international investors to buy property in Switzerland. 17 new branded service apartments will go on sale in 2024.

Spend your holidays in one of the most sought-after resorts in Switzerland and earn money during periods when you aren’t using your property: this is the opportunity that the Hard Rock Hotel Davos is offering with its branded service apartments.

When a purchased apartment is not occupied, Hard Rock Hotel Davos rents it out as a suite, generating income for the owner. Not only does this offer the chance to invest outside the Eurozone in one of the world’s most stable economies, but it also yields an attractive return on investment.

No Hassle

Another great advantage of owning a branded service apartment is that it is managed by Hard Rock Hotel Davos, allowing owners to stay carefree, even when they are not on vacation. When an apartment isn’t occupied, reservations, pricing, marketing, and guest care are all taken care of by the resort, which is also responsible for housekeeping.

Being affiliated with Hard Rock Hotel Davos comes with additional benefits including complimentary access to the resort’s facilities like the fitness center and the award-winning spa, as well as special rates for spa treatments, bars, and restaurants.

Magnificent 360-Degree Views

The suites and apartments available are equipped with balconies facing the picturesque Swiss Alps or charming village homes. Guests and owners have access to the 800-square-meter Rock Spa which includes a swimming pool, two saunas, a hammam, and a jacuzzi, providing a splendid space for relaxation.

In addition, the rooftop bar «The 5th» offers a magnificent 360-degree view of Davos and its surrounding mountains. Investors can choose residences of various sizes ranging from a 2.5-room apartment with an area of net 65 square meters to a 4.5-room apartment of net 113 square meters, all in a central location in Davos.

High occupancy of the serviced apartments is guaranteed, particularly during the winter season when the internationally popular resort draws winter sports enthusiasts from around the globe. The summer period also attracts hikers and mountain bikers.

An International Community

Many events take place in Davos annually which bring vibrant life and high-end tourism into the town. Davos enjoys an international audience year-round as a convention center, not least because it hosts the World Economic Forum (WEF), which attracts over 3,000 participants every year.

More Residences Coming Soon

International Hospitality Services (IHS), the property owner, is planning to build 17 more branded service apartments at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos. This presents a particularly attractive opportunity for non-Swiss nationals since the Lex Koller, a Swiss law restricting the purchase of real estate by foreign persons, does not apply to the residences.

The residences will go on sale at the beginning of 2024.


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