Wayfair is selling a $436 tiny home kit that shoppers praise is ‘sturdy’ and they ‘love the looks’

Wayfair is selling a $436 tiny home kit that shoppers praise is ‘sturdy’ and they ‘love the looks’


WAYFAIR is merging style with affordability in the tiny home movement.

Shoppers have praised a tiny home kit being sold by the retailer, and it can be yours for $436.

The shed is on sale and can be delivered in about a weekCredit: Wayfair

JolyDale’s Metal Tool Shed is causing a style scene for tiny home enthusiasts.

The shed is 69 square feet and weighs nearly 200 pounds.

It can be shipped free of charge and depending on where you live, you can receive it in about a week.


Although the retailer advertises the tool room for function, customers said it looks great in your backyard.

Decluttering is also one of the most effective forms of maximizing the aesthetic of space, and the storage shed can hold your lawnmower, lumber, tools, bikes, and trash bins.

The 10-foot by 8-foot gray structure is not advertised for residential usage.

But plenty of Americans have turned storage sheds into tiny homes with a bit of investment and ingenuity.

An example is a Texas couple who turned a shed into their full-time residence.

But it was an existing housing structure, and the JolyDale would need to be placed on land you own.

And space is much more limited.

But “too small” is relative, and the tiny home movement inspires people to do more with less.


The JolyDale has a 4.2-star rating with 24 reviews.

Shoppers agreed the shed is “good quality for the price.”

“Overall, the walls seem sturdy, and the directions don’t seem too difficult, so it should be fairly easy once I get some extra help to install it,” one person said.

Another shopper said they made a good choice.

“I love the looks of it and plenty of room for what I need.”

And most of the shoppers said the shed will come in three shipments.

Wayfair has competition to be the most stylish tiny home kit on the market.

It appears Americans want style with their bargains.

Walmart is selling a “luxurious” tiny home kit for $330.

It has a jungle-theme exterior with a “wood look,” which sets it apart from other options on the market.  

But it’s only wooden in appearance as the actual structure is metal for durability.

The tiny home trend also caters to Americans who are willing to splurge, and fancy tiny home kits are hitting the market.

Amazon is selling a dainty $5,500 tiny home kit with pre-cut and pre-drilled wood.

The Home Depot is selling a $13,000 tiny home kit with style and structure that will “last for generations.”


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