Which Wireless TV Is Better for Home Entertainment – Robb Report

Which Wireless TV Is Better for Home Entertainment – Robb Report


LG M3 OLED TV With Zero Connect Box

$4,999 (77-inch), $7,999 (83-inch), and $29,999 (97-inch)

$4,499 and up. Since multiple units can work together to create one massive display, Displace also offers pricing for two and four TVs purchased together ($8,099 and $13,499, respectively).

Whichever size is selected, the picture benefits from LG’s bright OLED display in 4K resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate.


A single 55-inch screen offers 4K resolution and crisp OLED technology, while four together create a 110-inch display, all with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

The M3 OLED eliminates every wire dangling from your display, save the power cord. For wireless audio, the separate Zero Connect Box will also beam to compatible soundbars.


Unlike LG’s solution, Displace has even managed to eliminate the power cord by relying on four hot-swappable batteries, which means you can remove and charge them even while the display is running—though at least two need to remain installed for brightness to be unaffected. A fully charged Displace boasts a month of viewing at six hours per day (or just over a week of uninterrupted marathon binging).


Once, say, the 97-inch behemoth is mounted on the wall, it’s probably not going anywhere. The giant cinematic display was imagined for traditional viewing—so as widescreen and vivid as possible.


Weighing under 20 pounds each, Displace screens attach quickly and easily to walls (or even windows) via an innovative vacuum system, meaning you can take your viewing with you from room to room.

LG has earned an impressive reputation for its repair infrastructure, and the established brand appears to be in the wireless game for the long haul.


Unknown. As with any start-up, there’s no track record to refer to.

Both remote control and voice recognition are options.


As with the LG, the controls can be navigated by both remote and voice recognition, but there’s also an integrated camera that reads simple hand gestures.

Everything you currently watch, from classic Kurosawa films to sports to the latest Marvel releases, but here touted to be delivered bigger and brighter. And wirelessly, of course.


Simultaneous viewing of multiple content or business presentations (if combining multiple screens) and spontaneous movie nights in unexpected places.

Even up against Displace’s four-unit configuration, the price for LG’s 97-inch display is eye-watering.



Joining Displace TVs together creates unsightly visual interruptions from the borders, hampering single-subject viewing. And the vacuum-mounting seal is electrically powered, meaning the TV needs sufficient battery charge to remain attached—so don’t leave it hanging while on vacation.


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