Why Mixed-Use Is Key to Retail’s Flexibility

Why Mixed-Use Is Key to Retail’s Flexibility




The retail sector has defied CRE trends, showcasing considerable strength. Driven by strong fundamentals including low vacancies, limited new development and rising rents, many are approaching the sector for opportunity. Mixed-use has something to do with that. The addition of other uses alongside the shopping or services component has given the sector a flexibility it was searching for in the not-too-distant past.

Nuveen Real Estate’s Katie Grissom, head of Retail & Mixed-Use for the Americas and Colliers Anjee Solanki, national director of the Retail Services & Practice Groups | US, take a look at the hybrid property type in this video from ICSC NEW YORK 2023.

You’ll learn:

  • Why adding mixed-use to a shopping center can unlock value versus traditional retail,
  • How mixed-use fits into our contemporary hybrid work-life environment, and 
  • What an investor should consider when adding mixed-use properties to their portfolio.


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